The Impact of Lighters On The Environment

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Lighters found at Feniglia's beach. Orbetello, Italy



It is time to give a step back in time, slow down a bit and realize that many things we have created a while ago those have been replaced by single used plastics may be what we need to go for again.

 I know it may seems crazy to bring up such a subject but the reality is that lighters have a huge impact on the environment. More than 350 million lighters are tossed every year.

Common disposable gas lighters are designed to be thrown away after they run out of gas. When this happens, they will exist in our environment forever. After use, disposable lighters will either make their way to landfill, be littered on streets, get washed into the ocean and devastatingly can make their way into the bellies of seabirds.

Is Possible To Recycle A Lighter?

Unfortunately, used lighters can’t easily be recycled. Made primarily of plastic and metal, it’s fair to assume that lighters should be recyclable in some way or another. However, the various materials used in lighters are rarely identified by manufacturers, making proper recycling nearly impossible.

Also the the fluid inside the lighter is a type of household hazardous waste. This means you can’t throw it away in your garbage.

So, what are your options?


Lighter’s Fluid:

If you have any unwanted lighter fluid lying around, the best option is to give it to a friend or neighbor who can use it. Otherwise, you’ll have to take it to a household hazardous waste disposal site, or drop it off at a local hazardous waste collection event. Whenever handling lighter fluid or another hazardous material, remember to take proper safety precautions.


Ligther’s Body:

First of all be sure you empty the lighter. Than:

-Read the storage and disposal instructions on product’s label.

-Search online for a local household hazardous waste disposal site.

-Contact local officials to find a hazardous waste collection event.


The Best Alternative For Disposable Lighters


As we all can see, recycling a lighter can be more complicated than expected. So, instead of buying a lighter that you may use one time till the fluid is gone and than toss in the bin, why not just buy one reusable lighter with good quality and keep it as long as it lasts?


Refillable gas lighters

There are various types of refillable lighters available in the market with their own applications and specialty along with various types of uses like a cigar or cigarette lighting to cooking, bbq parties as well as camping, hiking and other outdoor activities time.

These might be a better option than disposable lighters, but like disposable lighters, refillable gas lighters use butane, a chemical compound which is produced during natural gas processing and petroleum refining. Butane is manufactured from finite resources which need to be extracted from the earth. This process can cause contamination to water and harm to human health.



survival matches

Unlike plastic lighters, matches are made from wood and are fully biodegradable. Being biodegradable, matches generally don't contribute to our growing global waste problem, but their production comes with a different set of environmental problems.

Usually made from white pine or aspen, matches require the destruction of trees to be produced. An average aspen tree can create 1 million matches. While this might sound like a lot, when you multiply this by the number of matches produced each year, it becomes quite a big number. It is estimated that 500 billion matches are used each year in the US alone. This would equate to 500 thousand average sized Aspen trees being cut down just to produce matches for the US every year. Worldwide, this figure is likely to be much much larger. According to the World Health Organisation, about 15 billion cigarettes are smoked every day worldwide. If every smoker were to light their cigarettes using matches, it would equate to about 15,000 trees being cut down every single day.


Rechargeable lighter


Unlike a firesteel, a rechargeable lighter requires a bit of electricity to be functional. But unlike common gas lighters, rechargeable lighters can be used 200-300 times before having to be recharged. They are flameless so they are safer to use than gas lighters and can be recharged by USB. They are easy to use and work just by clicking a button. This activates a small electrical arc between two ceramic electrodes, creating a point at which you can light a candle, cigarette or fire.

rechargeable electric lighter that requires no flame, no butane, no hassle!


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