Reasons Why We Should Use Alternatives To Plastic

You must have seen that the conduct of large companies has changed over time in relation to plastics. Biodegradable bags in supermarkets is one of the great changes the society has made among other changes that I will tell you about later.
So, let's start with the fact that plastic do harm our environment. 
Single-use plastics are goods that are made primarily from fossil fuel–based chemicals (petrochemicals) and are meant to be disposed right after use and often in mere minutes. Single-use plastics are most commonly used for packaging and serviceware, such as bottles, wrappers, straws, and bags.
Since the 1950s, 8.3 billion metric tons of plastics have been produced and half of that in the past 15 years alone. 
We produce 300 million tons of plastic each year worldwide, half of which is for single-use items. That’s nearly equivalent to the weight of the entire human population. 
Where does all the plastic go?
The vast majority as 79% is accumulating in landfills or sloughing off in the natural environment as litter. Meaning: at some point, much of it ends up in the oceans.
Reducing plastic use is the most effective means of avoiding this waste (and the impacts linked to plastic production and use). Carrying reusable bags and bottles is a great way to avoid single-use plastics in our day-to-day lives.
Another improvement has been the water refill stations around some cities and also in the airports. You can already find free drinkable water. Just remember to carry your own reusable bottles. (you can find the best reusable bottle just clicking in here)
Think about how many positive points we can find when carrying our own reusable products like our own reusable bottle. First of all we can save money. Think about each time you are out and you are thirsty, you buy a bottle of water that costs around 1 or 2€. For exemple if you buy one bottle of water per day (what is a minimum, it can definitely be even 10 or more) in one month you would spend just with a single-use plastic water bottle between 30 to 60€. Plus all those single use plastic bottles would probably end up in the ocean or in landfills.
Can we use a plastic bottle for refill?
Well you can but experts said that “reuse of plastic water bottles can lead to bacterial contamination unless washed regularly.” Also, One study from 2002 looked at 76 samples of water from water bottles, some of which had been reused for months on end without being washed. Nearly two-thirds of the samples had bacterial levels that exceeded drinking water guidelines. But in case you do use plastic bottle be sure you wash it with hot soapy water between each use.
93% of bottled water around the world and 92% of tap water is contaminated with microplastics. Other research also concludes that the average person could be ingesting 100,000 pieces or 9 ounces (250 g) of microplastics per year. So be sure you look for a filtered water source to refill your water bottle.

Plastic takes more than 400 years to degrade, so most of it still exists in some form. Only 12 percent has been incinerated.

A study was launched as scientists tried to get a handle on the gargantuan amount of plastic that ends up in the seas and the harm it is causing to birds, marine animals, and fish. The prediction that by mid-century, the oceans will contain more plastic waste than fish, ton for ton, has become one of the most-quoted statistics and a rallying cry to do something about it.
What can we do to help?
Awareness is the key to save our home, our oceans, our lands, to save our planet! Getting informed about how products are made and how products can harm our environment is already the first step. Once we have the knowledge about it we can start changing some of our habits such as switching plastic for reusable materials.
Spreading the voice. Another step to help would be sharing the knowledge about it. People should know that we have the power in our hands to make a change. Alone we can make a start, together we can make a drastic difference.
I would say we need awareness. It will open our eyes to see that without action we will just continue destroying our planet each day. 
We need to share information and make people realize that we are all living under the same roof. We need to know that big companies are putting their profit over our health, wildlife and the preservation of our planet. We need to know that we as consumers can demand change.
Start ditching plastic products whenever you have an opportunity.
Carry with you your reusable shopping bags.
Start carrying with you a reusable water bottle.
Try shopping local and avoid plastic packages.
Separate the organic and recyclable garbage.
Follow pages on the social media those can fulfill you with information about sustentability.
Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. We are learning every day something new. It is not too late to start changing for good. One step day by day and we can make it better!
Let's share the news... People are waking up and we will make the difference!

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