How To Live A More Sustainable Lifestyle

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Have you ever questioned yourself what could you do to help the planet where you live?

How to contribute for a better environment?

It is already a start of changes.

Doubting our actions is always a way to improve, and here we will help you to see how is possible to live a more sustainable lifestyle .

There are so many things we are used to do on our day-to-day that most of the time we don't even realize how much impact this habits cause on the environment. 

So let's start from the basics swaps those would make a huge difference:


  • Shop little and often

A lot of waste comes from doing big shops, putting two-for-one “bargains” in the trolley and buying on repeat rather than planning meals. 

  • Switch your flours

Crops can’t be grown every year in the same soil without replacing nutrients taken by the plants, and switching the flour you use can help.

  • Invest in Renewable Energy for Electricity

A way that households can be more eco friendly is to invest in a renewable energy source for electricity. Most households are on a grid that provides energy from a non-sustainable source, like oil or gas.

Solar panels are an example of a renewable energy technology that uses the sun as an energy source. This photovoltaic system utilises the sun’s energy and transforms it into electricity. The process is a much more environmentally clean option than using energy derived from the burning of fossil fuels.

  •  Use organic/natural cleaning products to clean the house

A lot of mainstream cleaning products contain various ingredients that are harmful to the environment. In fact, a lot of chemicals used to clean our clothes, dishes, and house end up causing damage to our planet and its biodiversity.

Chemicals such as detergents, preservatives, or foaming agents are the ones that cause the most harm to nature. Switching to products that contain sustainably grown or raised ingredients that do not deplete the ecosystem, nor harm it when expelled back out.


  • Use a Recyclable Eco Friendly Water Bottle

Purchasing water bottles is a common practice - particularly in warm weather. However, a lot of water bottles end up in the ocean as a lot of people fail to recycle them properly. This results in a high rate of pollution in our oceans and the overall environment, as one plastic bottle will break down into 10,000 microplastic pieces over time - and this microplastic pollution is incredibly hard to clean up.

  • Eat Less Meat

Meat and dairy are responsible for the majority of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the agriculture industry. Emissions occur from the stage of production, to processing, packaging, and to finally being served. Farming releases two powerful greenhouse gases: Methane from livestock during digestion due to enteric fermentation, and Nitrous Oxide as an indirect product of organic and mineral nitrogen fertilisers.

Simply reducing your intake of meat can already have a big impact.

Reduce Water Consumption By Eating Less Meat

  • Unplug Before Travelling

Even if electronic devices are shut off or in sleep mode, they are still using energy. Being away for too long wastes a lot of energy that could otherwise have been plugged off. So, before going on vacation, make sure to unplug your devices from the wall sockets, in order to save electricity.

  • Spend in Local Shops

As big businesses are expanding to popular holiday destinations, there is, unfortunately, a problem with local communities struggling to get by. One of the reasons is that bigger corporations are receiving the majority of the money invested in the travel industry for that country. Spending your money in locally-owned shops and restaurants can help communities to overcome financial adversities.


These are a few ways to reduce our impact on the planet, but that are much more we can do about it for example :

Plant our own garden, herbs and flowers. 

Start a minimalist lifestyle consuming less. 

Recycling and separating our waste. 


But it is important to do not go hard on you when changing habits.

Step by step can definitely take you further.

Are you ready for it?


We hope we could at least give you a glimpse of what is to live a sustainable life.


Comment if you liked our post and help us to keep helping people to help the planet!





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