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During the year there are many special dates that we wait to celebrate with such excitement and valentine’s day is one of them. But, it is important not to forget the real meaning of this day, as many people get caught by publicities and marketing from companies trying to make this just one big excuse for sales, and end up buying unnecessary things.

While many see this date as a day to give and receive presents, others see as a day to remember the real reasons of being together, trying to remind each other the importance of their love!

"I don’t think that people should be pressured to do grand gestures or spend a ton of money," Trina LeckieBreakup BOOST podcast host, tells Elite Daily. "I feel that romantic ideas such as a handwritten love letter or a special surprise date that carries memories for the couple are the types of things that should represent a day like Valentine’s Day." However, that doesn't mean you and bae can't gift each other something special on V-Day. After all, it's about you and your relationship, so do whatever you feel is best. The important thing is not to feel pressure to give your significant other something extravagant if you don't want to or can't afford to right now. (Interview from

For some, the gesture of love and kind can be represented in a different way.

The truth is that we all know that during events like this, like valentine’s day, Christmas, mother’s day… People easily forget what to say but remember what to buy! And There it goes the real meaning of a special day!

So, to not make this mistake this year, we are here to remind you that you are free to give gifts for whoever you want and whenever you want but the most important act on valentine’s day is kindness and care for the one you love. It is the memories, the laughs, the hugs and the kisses… Anything else is a bonus!

That is why we believe this is a perfect moment to talk about the love for our environment as well. Let’s make this whole lovely day even more beautiful. Showing the real meaning of kindness, for people and for the planet!

 I decided to share some ideas with you about how to make a special day even more special without harming our environment!

There is no exception when we talk about our environment. Every day is a day to learn and improve!

As the last year haven’t been easy on everyone, I believe we can make this valentine’s day different, easy and even cheap. (It doesn’t mean your lover doesn’t deserve the best) It is important that our commitment with the planet is valid every second.

So, IF, just in case you still don’t know how to surprise your partner, or you are thinking about to buy one more thing that he/she will wear one time than keep it in the closet for the rest of the year, you can do something funny that he/she wasn’t expecting at all and better than anything, something with a cool meaning.


Quick and easy tips:

  • Breakfast In Bed

Who does not love being awake with breakfast in bed? It can be just a cup of coffee, the gesture is very romantic and kind but we can definitely improve for valentine’s day.

Try to prepare a small plate with some fruits, croissants, smooth, natural juice. Whatever you have in the fridge will do once you put all your love on it to be a bit creative!

On this website you can find 7 vegan breakfast ideas!


  • Walk Together

couple walking together

Go for a walk when both have time free, even when a couple spend lots of time together is really health for the relationship have a bit of time together outside, specially if is a sunny day!

During the walk is a good moment to talk about positive things and to remind each other their qualities. It is a good time to remember good times together! It is a good time to make your partner laugh!


  • Make A Photo Album Or A Video

Put together your favorite moments or use an app to create a cute video of you two. There are many app’s to create a video or create a lovely photo montage.

The idea of the video is always easier because you can include your favorite song, write some verses and put all the best photos in case you are in doubt which one is better.

You can also use Google Photos to create your album and they delivery in your home.


  • Secondhand Vintage Gifts

Image result for vintage aesthetic

In case you want to go further and buy something for your partner, try going to a secondhand shop and find something unusual like an old music player, old games or even old books! Reusing is a very good act of sustainability!

In secondhand shops you will probably find more than what you would be looking for. Just be careful to don’t buy the unnecessary!


  • Candle Lights Dinner

There is something very traditional and romantic: candle lights dinner. This the moment where you can really impress your partner. Flowers on the table together with the candles gives a lovely vibe to the room.

Than the favorite drink of the couple is also important to start warming up before the meal. (if is vegan even better)

On this website you can find some ideas for vegan meal!


  • Movie Night

Choose a very romantic movie (here is a list of some romantic movies) to inspire that moment. Something that will not make booth sleep of course!

And bring that glass of champagne to the sofa!

After this not just you partner will be thankful, but the planet as well as you did your maximum to make both happy!




Hopefully this post can help all the couples out there reading it right now to see that to make a special day, sometimes we just need to have each other!


The Green Papaya wishes an amazing valentine’s day to everyone!


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